Are Kershaw Knives Good?

Kershaw Knives are one of the most popular pocket knife brands in the US.

This reputation is not mere hype but based on the well-engineered knives they produce. They have been in the industry for more than 45 years.

To answer the question, yes, Kershaw knives are excellent. It is owing to the innovation that they have brought to the industry. Since 1974, Kershaw has been producing affordable knives without compromising on quality.

About Kershaw

Kershaw Knives are a part of KAI Corporation, a family-owned company from Japan and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008. KAI is a major manufacturer and distributor of disposable razors, surgical tools, and personal care products in Japan.

KAI USA is committed to innovating, designing, and manufacturing top-quality products and, most importantly, serving its customers’ needs. Founded in 1974, the company specializes in knives, cutlery, customer service, innovation, and houseware.

The company recycles and reuses material used in the manufacturing process to be sustainable.

Features of Kershaw Knives

Build Quality

Kershaw Knives manufactures tough pocket knives of high quality. It feels great in hands and has a nice heavy feel to it. When you open the knife, it looks well and feels sturdy. The product is well engineered and feels sturdy and durable.


Kershaw knives are designed to fit into your pocket but stay out of your way. The product conceals nicely and does not feel bulky at all. The sheathe comes with a multi-mount system that allows you to attach the knife to your belt loop or tool belt.


Kershaw knives are comfortable to use. The knives are not too light or too heavy for use, and it feels good. It is a solid knife that does not put too much pressure on your hands.


The knife comes fairly sharp and tough. The steel is thick, which is a good thing, and the sheath is basic but enough. The outer grip has a grainy rubber texture. It has an excellent grip and feels moderately hefty.


The knife is fairly smooth, and it snaps right open. However, closing it can be a two hands affair. It becomes more comfortable as you use it more.

Pros of Kershaw Knives

  • Premium quality product of excellent steel
  • Innovative design
  • Incredible value for the price
  • Great for hunting
  • Slim but versatile blade
  • Durable handle
  • Available in different colors
  • Resistant to scratch

Cons of Kershaw Knives

  • Difficulty in resharpening
  • Not the strongest tip

Types of Kershaw Knives

Kershaw makes different types of knives for everyday use and professional use. Out of these, the most popular ones are Leek and Skyline for everyday use. In the professional category, the most popular ones are Blur and CQC.

Kershaw Skyline Pocket Knife

The Leek series is one of the most popular by Kershaw Knives. The handle features a stainless-steel body with a matte look.

It is a decent knife for everyday tasks like slicing, cutting ropes, etc. It is easy to open, and the size is EDC friendly.

But you cannot use it for heavy-duty tasks. The blade and handle are both finished with a non-reflective bead blast.

Kershaw Skyline Knife

This knife got voted as best buy of the year by Blade Magazine in 2012. It features a rust-proof, durable look.

With a stainless steel build, it is heavy and weighs 2.3 ounces. Though the grip feels nice, you may find it hard to handle during rainy days.

Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife

The power and performance of the Blur series are great. This pocket knife is meant for extreme everyday activities or heavy-duty tasks.

Its blade is thin and looks premium. The handle is ergonomic and feels comfortable in hand. The blade is durable and retains an edge for a long time.

Kershaw CQC Knife

This knife is made for heavy-duty tasks. It comes with a reversible pocket clip and a modified clip-point blade for versatile cutting.

This knife is quite sturdy and gives out a strong feel. At first, it is a bit stiff, but it loosens up as time passes by. It is extremely durable and shows no sign of significant dulling.

 Comparison Chart

 Overall lengthBlade lengthWeightUseCountry of origin
Kershaw Skyline knife7.735 inches3.125 inches2.3 ouncesLight-weight/Everyday useUSA
Kershaw Leek knife7 inches3 inches3 ouncesEveryday useUSA
Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife7.7875 inches3.375 inches3.90 ouncesHeavy-duty tasksUSA
Kershaw CQC Knife7.75 inches3.25 inches5.1 ouncesHeavy-duty useChina

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Kershaw knives made?

Kershaw knives are generally manufactured in the US. However, recently more products are now being manufactured in Asia. Japan and China are the main manufacturers of the Kershaw knives.

Does Kershaw make knives for left-handed users?

Yes. Both left-handed and right-handed users can use all Kershaw knives with a flipper. Look at the product description to know if the knife has a flipper.

Does Kershaw also sell sharpeners?

Kershaw sells one sharpener: Ultra-Tek Sharpener. It features a 600 grit diamond sharpening surface, great for sharpening dull pocket knife blades.

However, if your knife needs more extensive sharpening, send it back to the company. They will resharpen it for you. You can check the company’s official support page for more details.


Kershaw knives have been in the market for years, and they never cease to attract more customers. The customer base built by Kershaw is impressive, and it just keeps rising.

They are creators of some of the best-selling sporting knives, hunting knives, and knives for everyday use. The knives sold by Kershaw are affordable and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

While there might be knives with better features out there, Kershaw is still an impressive alternative. The price of the knives is reasonable, and the name Kershaw certainly adds credibility to the knife. That’s why Kershaw remains one of the best options out there even after 45 years.

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