Are Cutco Knives Good?

One of the largest kitchen cutlery producers in the United States of America and Canada, Cutco began in 1949, New York. Cutco has been serving customers ever since. Their high-quality, functional knives have made them a staple in all households.

When you ask whether Cutco knives are good or no, the answer is yes, Cutco knives are very good. They have been producing knives over the past 72 years and have never compromised on quality, design, and utility, and come with a lifelong guaranty!

About Cutco

The name Cutco comes from the abbreviation of the phrase Cooking Utensil Company. They have been in the cutlery manufacturing business for 72 years now.

Are cutco knives good

The parent company of Cutco Cutlery is Alcas Corporation. Initially, Alcas was a part of ALCOA Corporation. It was created during the joint venture between ALCOA and Case Cutlery in 1948.

Alcas started producing kitchen cutlery under the brand name Cutco in 1949. Cutco is headquartered in Olean, New York. Back then, Cutco was marketed exclusively by Wear-Ever Inc., offering customers direct services at their homes.  

Unlike other brands in the market, Cutco knives are sold by the company’s salespeople. That gives them a personal touch that customers like and feel comfortable with.

Features of Cutco Knives

life time gaurenteed cutco knife


Cutco knives are made with the best stainless steel, which is scratch-resistant and does not rust easily. They are sharp and smooth to use. The thermo-resin handles are also sturdy and do not fade or break over time.


Cutco is known for its durability. Their handles and blades remain sharp and sturdy for years. They do not wear out easily with time and can be repaired in case of any damage.


The Cutco knives are uniquely designed with their D serrated edges, thermo-resin handles, and full tang blades. They are designed to work smoothly while ensuring balance and strength.

The handles are designed perfectly to gel with your kitchen needs and otherwise. It gives a firm grip and makes the cutting process smooth.


The knife is very easy to use and extremely smooth. You will cut through the most difficult items with utmost ease. It may seem a little heavier initially, but you will get the hang of it.

Pros of Cutco Knives

  • Premium quality product
  • Smart, modern designs
  • Durable and slim stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic handle with good grip
  • Available in different colors
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Life long guarantee provided
  • Free knife sharpening services
  • Knives can be used for multiple purposes
  • Blades are Dishwasher safe

Cons of Cutco Knives

  • It might be a little expensive for some
  • Sold only via company salespersons
Cutco pocket knife

Types of Cutco knives

Cutco focuses mainly on cutlery items and kitchen knives. They also sell several pocket knives. They usually have various knife sets for the kitchen and also a few all-rounder sets for varied purposes.

You can look through various options and choose the ones that suit your needs the best.

Cutco Model 1721 Trimmer Knife

This model has a full tang, rivet construction design made with high-quality nickel, silver alloy rivets. These knives have properly engineered ergonomic handles made with durable thermo resin and do not break or chip over time.

They also provide free sharpening and replacement forever.

Cutco Model 1764 Traditional Cheese Knife

A high-quality knife with a Micro-D serrated blade edge and stainless steel blade, this knife is a savior when dealing with cheese. It cuts through all types of cheese easily without any issues.

Though it is a little heavy, the cutting process is smooth and will give you a hassle-free experience.

Cutco 1728 Petite Chef Knife

Perfect for everyday kitchen use, the Petite Chef Knife has an ultra-sharp straight edge that can be sharpened and maintained at home. This knife has a full tang blade extends, which provides more balance and strength.

Though it’s a little expensive, it is extremely durable and a good investment. The ergonomic handle is ambidextrous and is safe to use. It has triple rivets and is resistant to scratches during daily use.

CUTCO 3721 Santoku-Style Trimmer

Compared to other products, this knife is comparatively less expensive and lightweight. It has a well-engineered ergonomic handle resistant to breaking, fading, or cracking because of the thermo-resin. It has full tang blades for increased strength.

Its unique style and design have been its strong selling point and staple in the kitchen cutlery. The double-D serrated edge gives it much more utility and safety.




Comparison Chart

 Blade MaterialUseWeightCountry of origin
Cutco Model 1721 Trimmer Knife  440A High Carbon Stainless SteelPocket knife, for everyday use2.4 ounces  USA
Cutco Model 1764 Traditional Cheese Knife  Stainless Steel  Cheese specific knife  5 ouncesUSA
Cutco 1728 Petite Chef Knife  Stainless steel  Daily kitchen purposes6.7 ouncesUSA
Cutco 3721 Santoku-Style Trimmer  Stainless steelKitchen Cutlery2.4 ouncesUSA

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cutco make left-handed knives?

Yes. Cutco makes ambidextrous knives that both left-handed and right-handed users can use. However, check once before buying whether the knife is one with a flipper.

What if a Cutco knife gets damaged or rusty? 

The best part about Cutco is its amazing customer service. Even if your knives get damaged or rusty after 20 years, you can contact the company for help.

Damages can include rust, dull spots, broken handles, et cetera. Cutco will ask you to ship the damaged knives, and they will repair and send them back as soon as possible. The only charges you need to incur are shipping charges and nothing else! You can get more details on their support page.


Cutco knives have been in the cutlery market for 72 years, and they never compromise on quality. Even after so many years, the company is still well known and is not in oblivion.

Their customer base has been ever-increasing, which they owe to their personal touch and customer services. Specializing in pocket knives, Cutco also manufactures everyday knives of various styles and sizes for your kitchen.

The knives they sell might be a little expensive, but they last for years and are very durable.

There are several knife brands out there in the market, but with Cutco’s credibility and brand name, it is one of the oldest yet one of the best knife companies available.

With their high-quality knives along with satisfactory customer services, you will surely find them very desirable and useful.

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