Are Benchmade Knives Good?

Benchmade has long been a household brand when it comes to high-quality, well-crafted knives. It is a well-known knife manufacturer known for producing high-quality blades and equipment proudly manufactured in the United States.

For the question, yes the Benchmade knives are pretty good lightweight knives with razor-sharp blades along with a comfortable mirrored grip! It is a great tool for self-defence, and they are easy to carry too!

Benchmade divides its knives into three categories: gold, blue, and black. All three of these classes are manufactured in the United States.

Before purchasing a Benchmade knife, one should consider receiving the most for the money spent.

Are benchmade knives good

About Benchmade

Benchmade Knife Company is a knife maker based in Oregon City, Oregon.

Its goods are available in various areas, including everyday carry, cutlery, outdoor sporting, law enforcement, rescue, military, and martial arts. Since its beginnings, the business has worked with a variety of bespoke knife producers.

Individual purchases Benchmade because they know it will work flawlessly in whatever capacity they want for as long as they require it.

Benchmade knives

Features of Benchmade Knives

Indeed, Benchmade knives are sometimes significantly costlier than comparable brand knives. They are yet so popular and wanted. Why?

Here are some reasons why these knives are widely popular.

Great Construction Quality

When you get your grips on a real Benchmade knife, you’ll understand why they have such high sound quality.

The Benchmade collection as a whole is incredibly well constructed, and each of their blades is stitched together along with incredible precision. They are made with vague yet precise machinery that tolerances just under half that of human hair.

It’s hard to pick if it’s their amazing design, the machinery they use to build the knives, or anything else; But these knives are extremely robust and well built. 

The Right Materials

Even when you include Benchmade’s discontinued knives, you’ll get a sense of the incredible variety of complex materials used.

All their blade and grip materials have one thing in common. That is the focus on value-added materials.

The juxtaposition of complex material with great design is what does it for them. Grab any Benchmade knife, and you will not find one built with less-than-excellent components.

The CPM S30V blade is found on the vast majority of Benchmade knives. CPM S30V is a fantastic knife blade material for nearly any scenario, and it will withstand almost every typical knife use.

A Trustworthy Company

An individual is always determining whether or not a company is excellent. It is critical to examine the firm’s reputation and track record in such a case.

Since its early roots, Benchmade has delivered great knives and good service to its customers. Based on interactions with them, their service appears to be of high quality and extremely helpful. They, as a firm, have a very clear and comfortable reputation in general.

Benchmade has also received several accolades, both as a business and for specific knives. Nevertheless, Benchmade is a well-known and reputable firm.

Pros of Benchmade Knives

  • Razor-sharp blades don’t require regular honing
  • Comfortable mirrored grip
  • Lightweight yet strong handle
  • Strong lock ensures safety
  • Great tool for self-defense
  • Easy to carry because of the sheath and pocket clip

Cons of Benchmade Knives

  • Blades are tough to sharpen
  • Tip of the blade is weaker than the body of the knife
  • Pocket clip is not reversible
are benchmade knives are of good quality

The Popular Benchmade Knife Models

The Barrage

Benchmade’s Axis Assist knives include the Barrage. These knives, while not strictly automated, are aided opening.

These are also available in full size with a 3.6” blade and mini with the same size as a tiny Griptillian (2.91”). They are also available in a variety of steels, with S30V being the most common.

The Crooked River

The 15080 Crooked River family combines a classic form with advanced technology to challenge preconceived assumptions of a hunting knife.

Benchmade released Crooked River a few years ago. The blade is remarkable with a striking clip point shape and a distinctive two-tone wrap-up. Satin on the main grind and stonewashed mostly on flats.

The Griptillian

Many people’s first introduction to a high-end knife is the Griptillian. The Mini Griptillian has a 2.91-inch blade, while the Large Griptillian has a 3.45-inch blade.

They are available in several metals, the most common of which is 154CM and S30V, with some special versions including M4, M390, and various other steels.

The Valet

The Valet is one of the author’s personal Benchmade favorites. Small and slender, with a lovely grey G10 handle and a large carry clip.

The Valet is a sophisticated folding knife appropriate for an office setting or a formal event without losing capacity or durability. The blade is 2.96″ long and made of M390 steel.

The Osbourne

The Benchmade Osbourne 940 is most certainly one of the finest knives Benchmade has ever released. Later, when they introduced the 941 with liner-less carbon fiber grips and an S90V blade, they nailed it.

The 940/1 has a 3.4-inch blade and is available with handles made from anodized aluminum or, as previously noted, direct functional carbon fiber handles.

The Bugout

The Bugout employs the Axis Lock once more. It also includes a lanyard hole built into the butt of the grip and a reverse tip-up pocket clip.

This time made of DLC-coated titanium for weight reduction. The 535BK-2 has been redesigned with Benchmade’s new CF-Elite grip technology and is somewhat lighter than its ancestors.

Comparison Chart

ModelBladeHandleWeightCountry of origin
The Barrage3.60 inches0.65″ (16.51mm)4.94oz.USA
The Crooked River4.0 inches0.60″ (15.24mm)5.4ozUSA
The Griptillian3.4 inches 0.64″ (16.256mm)3.8ozUSA
The Valet2.96 inches0.45″ (11.43mm)2.18ozUSA
The Osbourne3.4 inches0.41″ (10.41mm)4.8ozUSA
The Bugout3.24 inches0.42” (10.67mm)1.8ozUSA

Is It Worth Investing in Benchmade Knives?

Benchmade knives are undeniably impressive, but are they worth the price?

Generally, most believe that Benchmade knives are well worth the investment and are among the greatest knives available.

Paying a little more for a Benchmade knife is typically worth it as the knives are well-made. They are crafted of high-quality materials and are extremely long-lasting.

Summing Up

The caliber of Benchmade knives varies widely depending on the type one chooses, but their high-end blades are well worth the investment.

Benchmade’s core design concerns are knife safety, ease of opening with one hand, simplicity of use, and ambidextrousness. In its many knives, Benchmade offers around five mechanisms that help an individual select.

Benchmade knives may be costlier than comparable brands, although this is well merited.

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